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High-Quality Hunting Blinds in Michigan

Improve your chances of harvesting the animal you want with our time-tested hunting blinds in Michigan. At Lucky’s Hunting Blinds, we offer quality ground and deer blinds to help you hide while waiting for the perfect target to enter your area. Our blinds have been carefully crafted to blend naturally into a variety of habitats, making you nearly invisible to the animals in the area.

Hunting Blinds, Michigan


Effective Gun Blinds

Keep a close eye on your trophy while taking shelter in a reliable and compact gun blind. At Lucky's Hunting Blinds in Ubly, Michigan, we have a selection of tree and ground blinds.

Deer Blinds, Hunting Blinds, Michigan


Bow Blinds

Complete your hunting trip with a dependable blind that's convenient to assemble. We have a wide range of deer blinds for sale that are lightweight, convenient, and easy to set up. Additionally, we offer blinds that are convenient for bow hunters, with specialized hangers and flaps to stay hidden and silent when the perfect buck comes into sight.

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Our commitment to producing top quality hunting blinds has earned us good reviews and feedback. Read our testimonials to learn what clients are saying about our products.

Who We Are

Lucky's Hunting Blinds is a supplier of portable ground and tree blinds in Ubly, Michigan. In business for more than 25 years, we have been the go-to store for excellent and durable blinds. We take pride in producing first-rate blinds that offer the best value. All of our blinds are made in the USA and have received the approval of hunters and enthusiasts.

Effective Weather Protection

Waiting hours outside for the animal to come into your field of fire is not as fun when it is raining or snowing. Thankfully, with one of our hunting blinds, this is no longer an issue. Our blinds are crafted using high-quality weather-resistant materials to allow them to stand up to anything Mother Nature has to throw at them. 

By hiding in one of our blinds, you will stay comfortable and dry while waiting for your prey to arrive. Our blinds also help to protect you from the risks of exposure, like frostbite or hypothermia. The protection provided by our gun and bow blinds allows you to stay out on the hunt longer, increasing the chances of finding the game you are looking for. 

Contact us when you are looking to purchase high quality and effective blinds for your hunting trips. We proudly serve hunters and enthusiasts throughout the State of Michigan.

More Than 25 Years in Business

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