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Ladder Stands

Safe and Convenient Ladder Stands for Hunting in Michigan

The simplest and most convenient ladder stands for hunting in Michigan are available from Lucky's Hunting Blinds. These lightweight platforms can be carried into the backcountry by one person and easily assembled without any tools. Our stands create the perfect elevated seats from which to spot game without being spotted yourself.

This is our own patented invention, and it's one of the safest and most compact one-person stands on the market. You won't have to worry about your security when using the crab claw ladder stand. Make it part of your regular hunting equipment and let the game come to you.

The Details

The 24" x 28" platform can be anchored to trees from 6" to 26" in diameter. The stand comes with three ratchet straps and one choke strap, plus safety pins and a carrying pouch that you can attach to the finished platform. The 12-foot model is available for $229.99.

Include this product as part of your hunting kit today, and if you’re looking for other gear, such as crossbow hunting blinds, we’ve got what you need too. Hunters and outdoors people use our equipment, and they love our products, and we believe you will too.

Make Hunting Set-Up Simpler & Safer by Watching the Tutorials

We've known hunters that seemed as if they were born with a bow or rifle in hand, while others get interested later in life. Whichever is the case for you, we recommend watching the hunting blind tutorials for quick and easy instructions to get the most from our products. You see, we want you to be successful no matter what season it is for hunting.

Part of success is due to the gear, not only the gun but also the blinds and stands that are essential to hiding from your prey while you spend long hours in the woods, just waiting for that perfect shot. It's well worth the time spent reading tutorials, setting up the blind, and settling down to wait — especially when the result is a 14-point buck. That's a trophy you want to mount and hang in your den – not to mention the benefit of the meat.

It's typical for people, including hunters, to forge ahead and try to figure out how to put up a blind or stand. However, we recommend erring on the side of caution and watching the product tutorials. They're short and informative, but most of all, they result in efficient setup and ensure your safety, especially when you're using a tree stand.

Ladder Stand Man in Ladder Stand Ladder Stand Side