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Lucky's Hunting Blinds in Ubly, Michigan, is a long-established supplier of high-quality covering devices for hunters. Our store has a wide range of well-designed and handy hunting blinds you can choose from. In business for more than 25 years, our trusted store has been receiving positive reviews and commendation from our clients. Here are some of the things they said about our products:

"This Lucky's Hunting Blind has been in the same location and never moved for 10 hunting seasons. It has remained weatherproof the whole time and the zippered door has never failed to operate. A woodchuck did in recent years make a hole in the wall just to the right of the door but it did not affect the blind's function in any way. Due to its location, the blind has accounted for not only a whole bunch of whitetails for my sons and I, but squirrels, (during the September 15 - March 1 season) and predator hunting and calling during the winter. It is an ideal spot for spring turkey hunting as well, and a reason it has never moved. It blends so well with its environment that on many occasions when approaching it in the predawn darkness, I thought it was missing. But it has always been there waiting for me to offer superb concealment and shelter from all kinds of weather. It is as dependable as it gets, and I thoroughly trust Lucky Hunting Blinds for a top-quality, made in USA product."
- Tom Lounsbury, outdoor writer, photographer, and radio show host

"I've been testing Lucky's two-man blinds for three seasons and I can say unequivocally that of all the tent and ground blinds I've tested, these are by far the best. In fact I've purchased over 50 of these blinds and we now use them in every one of my whitetail camps in Saskatchewan. I'm not a products guy, I use what works and am not easily impressed. Lucky's Blinds made the grade and I've invited them to be a part of my television show. They have a product that I'd be proud to support, as I am of the other show sponsors: Knight, Leupold, Nosler, Realtree, Cabela's etc. Good company to keep I'd say. Bob's product is great. You'll see his blinds often in the whitetail hunts I've videoed and they will appear on the show and videos in the future."
- Jim Shocky

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