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Quarter-inch solid steel

Frame that will not break.

Material 600 denier, all weather-proof.


Your First Choice for Gun & Crossbow Hunting Blinds in Michigan

Lucky's Hunting Blinds offers an impressive selection of gun and crossbow hunting blinds in Michigan for both deer and turkey hunters. And don’t forget about our bow blinds, tree blinds, and ladder stands.

High-Quality Materials 

To guarantee durability, our blinds are built with 1/4" steel frames that withstand heavy snow loads. The blinds are made of Tuff 600 denier urethane-coated, poly-oxford construction materials, as well as ShadowGuard fabric that render them weatherproof.

Contact us today for more information about our crossbow hunting blinds. We are located in Ubly, MI, and proudly serve the entire state of Michigan.

Custom Hunting Blinds

It can be frustrating to work with prefabricated tools and equipment, but no more. Custom equipment can up your hunting game in ways you may never have imagined. We tailor our custom hunting blinds to your needs, so you never have to worry whether something will operate as expected. We are here to provide the quality equipment you require, made to your specifications. Lucky's Hunting Blinds is your first choice for exceptional equipment that will see you through this season and last for many seasons yet to come. We have everything from deer hunting blinds to ladder stands.

Explore our selection and discover for yourself why so many hunting enthusiasts turn to us for products they can count on and customer service they can trust. We understand what you need because we also love the sport and know what it takes to end the day with a successful hunt.

Our team looks for ways to improve your experience with every product we sell and is committed to your safety while on the trails. Don’t take chances in the bush; ask us about custom hunting blinds that will protect you from the elements and make your presence all but undetectable.

Call now to place your order and let us help upgrade your hunting experience.

Bow Blinds With Slide Screens
These portable ground blinds have velcro window flaps with silent sliding screens to avoid distractions and come complete with a bow hanger and gun rest, and a window size of- 14in x 23in.

Regular: 5' 8" (Height) 7' 3" (Width) – ($419.99)
Large: 5’ 9" (Height) 7’ 6" (Width) – ($439.99)

Bow Blinds in Michigan Bow Blinds - Tent Interior with Hunter Bow Blinds - Tent Interior

Luckys Accessory Pouch

Easy installation, slips through gun rest rod.

$20 per Pouch or $30 for 2

Pouch  Luckys Accessory Pouch

One-Man Gun Blinds

Height: 5’6”

Diameter: 6’

Windows: 5-9” x 20” Slide Rope

Bottom Shooting Window Height: Choice of 39” or 40”

$269.99 per Blind (Stakes and Gun Rest Included)

One Man Gun Blind Tent Interior    One Man Gun Blinds in Michigan 

Taller One-Man Gun Blinds

Height: 5’10”

Diameter: 6’3”

Windows: 5-9” x 20” Slide Rope

Bottom Shooting Window Height: Choice of 39” or 40”

$289.99 per Blind (Stakes and Gun Rest Included)

Velcro     Gun Blind 

Two-Man Gun & Crossbow Blind (Slide Rope Windows)

Height: 5’8”

Diameter: 7’

Windows: 5-9” x 20” Slide Rope

Bottom Shooting Window Height: Choice of 39” or 40”

$319.99 per Blind (Stake, Gun Rest, and Bow Hanger Included)

  Two Man Gun Blinds in Michigan 

Big One-Man Gun & Crossbow Blind

Height: 5’11"

Diameter: 6’6”

Windows: 5-9” x 20” Slide Rope

Bottom Shooting Window Height: Choice of 39” or 40”

$319.99 per Blind (Stake, Gun Rest, and Bow Hanger Included)

Blinds in Michigan

Two-Man Gun & Crossbow Blind (Slide Screen Windows)

Height: 5’8”

Diameter: 7’

Windows: Five 5-9” x 20” Velcro Flaps with Sliding Screens

Bottom Shooting Window Height: 38”

$369.99 per Blind (Stake, Gun Rest, and Bow Hanger Included)

New: Larger Size

Height: 5’9”

Diameter: 7’4”

$389.99 per Blind

Crossbow Hunting Blinds in Michigan Crossbow blind 2

New: Two-Man Cold Weather/Scent Control Blinds

Height: 5’8” or 6’

Diameter: 7’ or 6’6”

Windows: Five 5-9” x 20” Plexiglas - Slide Rope or Velcro

Starting at $499.99 per Blind (Stakes and Gun Rest Included)

The blind comes with three windows.

Each additional window is $60 each.

Clear high impact polycarbonate window that will last a lifetime.
Inside the Blind Blind Tent

Carry/Storage Bag

Man with Storage Bag$44.99
Carry/Storage Bag
Comes in Mossy Oak Camo
Carry BagTo get correct carry bag, provide an overall length of hunting blind.

Portable Ground Blinds & Platform Blinds

Height: 6’

Diameter: 6’

Windows: Five 10" x 20" Shooting Windows

Comes with tie-downs on the bottom of blind to secure to the platform.

$349.99 or $399.99 with Screens (Gun Rest and Bow Hanger Included)
*We also make a blind that fits a 5' platform. 

Blind on Platform Platform Blinds in Michigan
Zip Tied Blind Blind on Wood

Easy Setup

Transfer from one hunting spot to another with our blinds that are conveniently lightweight. Follow these steps when opening and arranging a blind:

  • Grab the two outer rods and lift the blind off the ground.
  • Swing your arms wide and support the weight of the blind.
  • Look for the stake loops inside the blind pockets.
  • Stake down the loops at the bottom exterior of the blind to avoid wind flap.
  • Secure the Blind Using Tabs for Tie Down


To close the blind, follow the same procedure in reverse. Prevent any damage by keeping the zipper open all the way while closing.