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Built to Last Bow Blinds for Sale

Go to Lucky's Hunting Blinds in Ubly, Michigan, and purchase our dependable deer blinds for sale. Our deer blinds are perfectly engineered and field-tested by American hunters to ensure their quality and efficiency. These blinds are designed to offer bow and gun hunters a good vantage point and angle for a successful hunt. 

Bow Blind With Slide Screens
It has window screens with slides that flap silently to avoid distracting a hunt and it comes complete with a bow hanger and gun rest, and a Window Size of- 14in x 23in.

Regular: 5' 8" (Height) 7' 4" (Width) - $379.99
Large: 5’9 (Height) 7’8 (Width)  - $399.99

Bow Blinds - Tent Interior Bow Blinds - Tent Exterior Bow Blinds - Tent Interior

Double Ladder Stand Tree Blind
For gun and cross bow. Blind stands 6ft tall by 5ft diameter, with zippered window closures that measure 11 inches by 36 inches.  ($379.99)
Double Ladder Stand Tree Blind Double Ladder Stand Tree Blind



Tree Blind

Tree Blind

Made for tree and ladder stands.Comes with 3 front window openings with 2 zippered windows in back. (249.99)

Tree Blind

Cluster Blind

Cluster Blind

Known as the deadliest blind for a deer, this latest innovation offers an ideal perspective for hunters using background screens. The blind has a spacious room to allow ample movement for hunters when shooting a gun, bow, or crossbow. It is also waterproof and designed to withstand any amount of snow load.(&229.99)



Size and Features

The easy-to-set cluster blinds have shooting windows that measure 9" x 7". Its windows come with five panels with attached Velcro that can be rolled up to the roof for a wider view. Each of the panel is secured to a tree stand to prevent wind flap.

Accessories and Benefits

The cluster blind completely hides you from game while giving you a good view of the landscape. It also gets rid of the need to wear camouflage or to find an adequate vantage point. For additional benefits, our cluster blinds come equipped with a bow hanger and a carrying bag that weighs about 15 lbs and measures 10" x 38".

Contact us in Ubly, Michigan, to get your hands on our fully functional deer blinds for sale.